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July 11, 2013

We’ve seen a lot of people talking about drift so we thought we’d share some tips and tricks, we’ve also got a challenge we’d like to lay down to the Community so if that’s more your thing head to the bottom of the post.

Pick the right car for the job

In GRID 2, the player can pick any car to go drifting in, but to score big they need to ensure the car is suited to the task. Players will want to consider the drive-type (RWD, FWD, AWD), the character of the car (Drift, Grip, Balanced) and also their own personal driving style; do they think they can achieve better drifts with a car reliant on shifting the weight to initiate a drift or do they want something with lots of throttle-oversteer to push the back-end around? When racing online, they will also want to consider their upgrade choices, perhaps favouring more power, a gearbox with shorter ratios and removing suspension/differential upgrades that promote a grip driving-style.

Pick the best line

Points are awarded based on your angle and speed through a drift, so you need to pick a suitable line that allows you to maximise both. Coupled with this, to get a high score you’ll need to be making most of the proximity multipliers so your line needs to take this into account.

Throttle Management

One of the most important aspects of drifting is throttle control, so it’s important to use the right amount of throttle to maintain a smooth drift. When entering a drift, a sharp jab of throttle will usually be enough to throw the car sideways. The throttle should then be used throughout the drift to increase or reduce angle and maintain speed. If your angle is reducing, a sharp increase in throttle will step the rear out again and if your angle is too great and you’re at risk of spinning/losing too much momentum, a short release of the throttle with some counter-steer will help bring the car back.


One of the biggest mistakes people make is counter-steering too early, which often ends the drift prematurely. The player should try and resist the urge to counter-steer until a suitable angle has been achieved, and then should use a controlled amount to maintain an angle. If the player is using the throttle correctly to push the car to a more extreme angle, the counter-steer is used to fight this, which then allows more throttle to be used which helps maintain momentum. Effective balancing of these two elements is crucial to scoring highly.


Don’t forget the handbrake

The handbrake can be used to initiate high-angle drifts quickly. It can also be used to tweak the angle and velocity of your car mid-drift. It’s risky though, as too much handbrake can cause you to lose too much momentum or spin out.

Keep the drift going

You’ll want to try and keep the drift going for as long as you can to ensure you maximise the amount of points you score, particularly if you have already accumulated a x6 multiplier. To do this, try and balance your throttle and steering inputs to ensure you are still drifting as you exit a bend but carrying enough speed to get you as far down the road as you can manage. A last punch of throttle as your momentum runs out can also allow you to achieve a bit more angle towards the end of the drift. However, it’s important to gauge all of this correctly, because it’s very easy to lose your whole drift score if you collide with the environment or spin the car.

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