Codies Racing Line – July 11, 2019



July 11, 2019

Two trailers, multiple game updates, big reveals, in-game screenshots and footage for days – it’s fair to say that this Codies Racing Line is full of what we love to see!

As your one-stop shop for all the big news and announcements regarding Codemasters titles over the past two weeks, the Racing Line is here in force. So, buckle up and get ready. Let’s start with an exclusive first look at new content coming to our revered off-road racer…


Hello everyone!

Lots of things have been going on here regarding DiRT Rally 2.0, both the things you may have seen and the things you definitely have not seen yet!

Version 1.6 of the game was released earlier this week, featuring a massive amount of bug-fixes and updates. These as always have been put together based on the feedback you give us, so be sure to hop over to the Forums and let us know your thoughts. There’s also been the release of the Porsche 911 SC RS and the Lancia 037 Evo 2, and updated audio for the Lancia Delta S4. All three cars are mighty, but they need somewhere to race…

…so let’s take them to Wales! Here are some early snaps of the Welsh countryside ahead of the location’s release on Tuesday. I’ve been driving about it a bit more these past few days and it’s certainly a tricky location to deal with. Jon Armstrong’s been around it too, setting a 2:57 on the Pant Mawr layout in the 1995 Subaru Impreza. That’s your first target next week!

– PJ


F1 2019


It’s been nearly two weeks since F1 2019’s release, and a what a fortnight we’ve had! We’ve loved reading all the reviews (which you can catch right here), so much so that we’ve put the best bits of the reviews into an accolades trailer, which is right here:

Not only that, but it’s been great to see your comments about F1 2019 – how much you’re enjoying playing, what’s happening in the future, so we’ve grabbed F1 Franchise Director Paul Jeal to answer your questions about performance updates, the F2 2019 season and more

It’s the British Grand Prix this weekend, and to celebrate we’ve released some stunning new screenshots:

And to top it off, a record number of you tried to qualify for the F1 New Balance Esports Series Pro Draft, which takes place on the 16th and 17th July. Make sure you join us to find out who will be picked for each of the 10 F1 team’s driver line ups live from the Gfinity Arena on the 17th July from 7pm BST at

– Jenny 



With Update 6 now out there in the big, wide world, the team have been hard at work using community feedback to drive the usual post-update patch. This has just rolled out across all devices and includes optimisations for haptic feedback, synchronisation for Qualifying mode and plenty more.

The Season Championship leaderboards are getting extra-competitive, as the summer break and mid-season rewards are fast approaching. Attention now turns to the British GP – and make sure you’re following our social channels from tomorrow for some very special F1 coverage! Insert eyes emoji here…

And of course, we’re already mapping out a course for our next big update. What we can say for now is that, after listening to feedback, we’ve taken a look at both the R&D and Duel areas of the game and are set to make some big community-driven changes. It’s exciting times, so keep an eye out for more news!

– Chris 



*hurriedly gathers notes* – Ahem, hello there! Just making sure I’ve got all the details for you, following a very exciting few days.

We did announce a slight switch in the launch date for GRID, with it now launching on October 11 and Ultimate Edition players being able to access the game from October 8. Since then, we’ve been showing you plenty of reasons why the brand new GRID game will be worth that slightly longer wait…

A huge week of reveals kicked off by announcing the return of an old friend – or foe. The infamous Ravenwest Motorsport will be back in the new GRID, as the team to beat in the GRID World Series Championship. Do your best, kid.

We’ve also been on the road with GRID, meeting media across Europe for hands-on previews and interviews with Game Director Chris Smith, wrapping up with an event at our Southam HQ. We’re already seeing write-ups from the event go live from the likes of Autosport, PC Games Network and RealSport, and we’ll be sharing plenty more across our channels over the next few days.

And finally, we even went and released our first gameplay trailer! Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

The Race For Glory trailer is all about the intense action you’ll experience during every single race in GRID. That focus on creating epic motorsport stories is something you’ll find around every corner.

Did you get all that? Good. All that’s left is to get your pre-order for the brand new GRID sorted (on Xbox One, PS4 or PC) and you’re ready to take on a racing experience #LikeNoOther.

– Chris 



– The Brains Eden student games jam at Anglia Ruskin University has come to a close, with our Codemasters experts on the scene to help choose the winners. Ross Nicholas from Codies was one of the judges: “I have been to a fair few games jams and I can safely say there is nothing quite like Brains Eden and how the event works. The students all showed passion and determination to work together and with their abilities created some very special games. The bar was set even higher this year with the level of quality shown by all disciplines.” Thank you to Brains Eden for letting us be involved once again, and congratulations to all the talented students who participated!

– Sony’s July EU sales have just kicked off, including some Codies deals for you to snap up! Both DiRT Rally 2.0  and F1 2018 are available at a discount until July 24th, so get them while they’re hot.

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