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July 15, 2014

One of the things we’re deeply committed to is ensuring the multiplayer experience is as good as possible. Part of this process revolves around the feedback you’ve provided and since launch we’ve been carefully sifting through everything you’ve had to say.

Currently we’re busy preparing a number of improvements that are due to come in an upcoming patch; including advanced controller options for all wheels and controllers, a virtual rear view mirror and we’re also tweaking the matchmaking system to ensure finding games is a much smoother process.

Today though we’re here to talk about playlists, and one thing we’ve been hearing from your feedback is that you want more variety in the available tracks.

As such we’ll be making the following changes in an upcoming patch:

  • Increased number of potential routes across each of the five disciplines
  • Increased number of GP routes that appear
  • Ensured all locations feature prominently (See Red Bull Ring)


What this means is that when you play GRID Autosport online, the playlists will now offer a lot more variety, as the total number of route / discipline combinations has increased over 400%, with both forwards and reversed route variations included wherever possible.

The routes chosen for each vehicle class have been tailored to suit their performance; with high-power vehicles featuring the longest, most challenging routes and vice versa.

The number of times a location could appear is something we’re also looking at and the changes made will ensure the likes of Istanbul, Spa and Red Bull Ring all appear across each appropriate discipline.

If we take Istanbul Park as an example, in the previous playlist rotation it would never appear within the Endurance discipline and the chances of it appearing within Touring were marginal.

This has now been fixed and fans of both disciplines will be pleased to see the track making more of an appearance throughout the online ecosystem.


The patch is currently scheduled to arrive on PC very soon and is going through our internal QA process as we speak. Looking ahead, the changes described above will also be included in a patch that is set to arrive on consoles in the near future.

We’ll continue to monitor feedback once the patch is live so please do keep the feedback coming.

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