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July 22, 2019

Happy Monday, team. Let’s start this week on a high, shall we?

For the past week, we’ve been asking for your questions on the brand new GRID’s Career mode. Now it’s time to jump right in and take you through the headline single-player mode of GRID, with details on length, progression, disciplines and what it’s all building towards. Ready?

Career mode is your chance to experience each discipline, car and circuit in GRID, in an immersive format that takes you from entry-level motorsport to the pinnacle of racing: the GRID World Series.

A grand total of 104 events are waiting for you in Career mode on launch, spread across six disciplines: Touring, Stock, Tuner, GT, FA Racing, and Invitational.

Those first five disciplines take you on a similar journey: 13 different events to complete, varying in event length and car class, all leading to a final Showdown event (more on those in a moment). Invitational features 26 events, with a huge variety of exotic and extraordinary cars, also leading to a Showdown event.

Each event includes an objective you must complete to unlock more events in that discipline, and the objective won’t always be to win the race. Whilst more rewards are on offer for consistent race wins, sometimes you’ll only need to finish in a target position to progress further.

Showdowns are the high-stakes concluding events to each discipline. Each Showdown is a two-on-two race, pitting you and your teammate against the top team from each discipline, so use your racing prowess and tactical skill to win these challenging events.

You’ll need to win four of the six Showdown events to progress to the final chapter of Career mode. That means you don’t have to complete every discipline if you don’t want to. You can focus on the disciplines you’re enjoying the most and lean on them throughout the Career.

Winning four Showdowns will allow you to progress to the GRID World Series – the final stage in Career mode that combines the very best of each discipline for a star-studded racing series like no other. This is where the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport will be waiting for you, so expect any victory to be hard-earned.

Before you hit the track, it’s time to create your own racing team. Choose the name and livery of your team; feel free to change these at any point, but this will be the team that you and your teammate represent throughout Career.

To progress in Career mode, you’ll need cars – and you’ll have in-game currency from the start to purchase some eligible cars for the opening events. As you progress, you’ll earn more currency, giving you the chance to purchase more cars and enter more events.

Alongside you will be your teammate, who you can hire and fire at any point in Career mode. Any teammate you choose to race alongside will have a different personality you’ll have to keep in mind. Some teammates will be fast but uncooperative; others will be less competitive but more willing to help you; and all kinds of characters in between. Pick the perfect teammate and manage their personality to give you the best chance of success.

Career mode is built around GRID’s focus on accessibility and choice, meaning you can adjust how you experience the Career to fit your style of play. Want to experience the whole mode quickly and smash through it? Keep the difficulty low, hit the objectives and advance to the GRID World Series at a rapid pace. Want the Career to be a serious test of your driving skills? Crank the difficulty up, lower the car assists, and try to win every race to get those extra rewards.

And the best bit? It’s only the beginning. Career mode is a big part of our post-launch content for GRID, with a long-term plan to keep adding events and experiences. Career mode is set to almost DOUBLE in size through new content after launch, so buckle up for a vast, varied and thrilling Career like no other.


GRID – launching October 11, with Ultimate Edition owners playing from October 8. Pre-order now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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