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July 10, 2019

Race. Compete. Enjoy. Do it all #LikeNoOther.

Hey team – it’s a pleasure to bring the first gameplay trailer for the brand new GRID, which launches this October on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and also coming soon to Google Stadia. Check it out:

The Race For Glory trailer highlights GRID’s focus on intense racing action, no matter the car, class or circuit you’re using. Fight for your position. Go wheel-to-wheel with your rivals. Compete and enjoy every single race in GRID,

Pre-ordered GRID yet? Here are the links you need to be ready for launch in October:

Steam –
PS4 –
Xbox –

Now, time for something a little different!

You may’ve seen us begin to use the #LikeNoOther hashtag across our channels over the past few days. To us, this is not just a snappy moniker to stick at the end of our content. There is a lot more to it than that…


We truly believe that this new GRID game is a racing experience like no other. Let’s explain why.

Whilst taking inspiration from the racing franchise it is named after, GRID is a new, fresh take on the genre. That means new content to enjoy; new experiences to be enthralled by; brand new motorsport stories to enjoy.

This is about playing your part in unpredictable motorsport stories. It’s about giving you the thrill, the fun, and the glory that comes with motor racing, every time you hit the accelerator.

This is a brand new chapter in the story of GRID – a game to reset expectations.


Compete Like No Other

This all begins and ends on the track. Throughout every class, car, mode and scenario, you’ll be placed into an unpredictable race, bursting with action, highlights and talking points.

Hundreds of bespoke AI personalities, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, traits and triggers, are on hand to form a starting grid primed to deliver drama. This is not a parade of cars politely going around a circuit. You’ll see daring overtakes, costly mistakes and constant racing action all around you.

Create Nemeses on the circuit by trading paint with them, and they will become far less forgiving in their actions. Team-mates, meanwhile, can be called to support, attack or defend – though how they react to these orders is driven by their personality.

Competition in GRID is like no other – where everyone on the starting grid is gunning for the top spot.

Race Like No Other

That #LikeNoOther feel also comes down to providing the accessibility and choice to play GRID how you want to play it.

Adjust difficulty levels and assists to find a setup that perfectly suits you. From an ultra-accessible feel that allows you to throw the fastest cars around straight away, to a twitchier and more challenging setup, there is variation in the GRID handling model to satisfy all types of racer.

You’re never locked in to a specific class or car for too long, nor does progression require monotonous grinding. The objective of any race should be to finish first, but you’ll find finishing in mid-pack and fighting the field just as exciting as leading from the front.

Do it all on a hand-picked selection of iconic real-world circuits and stunning fictional tracks. Race-ready venues like Sepang and Brands Hatch, or atmospheric cityscapes like Shanghai and Havana, are a blank canvas for you to write epic motorsport stories on.

Racing in GRID is like no other – and no two GRID races are the same.


Play Like No Other

This isn’t just about the game. GRID gives you the chance to show why you’re as unique as what you’re playing.

In multiplayer modes, show your true colours and own your racing style. Customise your car’s look with unique liveries, earn and show off accolades for different in-game achievements, and level up (and even Prestige) to prove your worth against the GRID community. It’s time to show why you’re a race driver like no other.

We all love motor racing for specific reasons, like the big moments, the dramatic mistakes, the clashing personalities. GRID takes those elements of motor racing that make it so special, and gives players the platform to create unpredictable, unforgettable stories with them.

The track is yours – and the time is now.


Use #LikeNoOther to join the conversation on what you’re most excited about for GRID’s launch this October.

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