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July 8, 2014

Hey everyone, just a heads up as we’re currently preparing a patch for PC, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow (9th July). The patch should fix a number of issues including the save file corruption.

PC Patch Notes – 9th July
  • Nvidia 3D VISION Fix – Improvements in UI interactions when using NVidia 3D Vision.
  • UI Fix – (French & Portuguese) Online session text updated for easier readability in French & Portuguese languages.
  • Career Fix – Fixed configuration issues which intermittently caused certain races to use the qualifying results for the starting grid positions rather than the previous race results in reverse.
  • AMD CrossFire Fix – Resolved graphical issues which could appear during menu transitions when CrossFire is enabled.
  • Online Fix – Fixed disconnection issues which could potentially cause checkpoint sessions to end prematurely if hosts lose their online connection.
  • Online Fix – Resolved issues which sporadically caused session length times to cease displaying within the voting screen.
  • UI Fix – Fixed rare instances of the total points OSD appearing within a drift zone then persisting on race results and rewards screens after drift event.
  • Nvidia SLI Fix – Fixed flickering menu transition artefacts which occur on certain SLI configurations.
  • UI Fix – Improved readability in relation to the online player XP scores when playing with 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Art Fix – (Paris Track) – Fixed track issues within Paris routes which occurred when playing in ultra low graphical presets.
  • Online Fix – Resolved issues which could sometimes cause the player to receive damage twice if the online session experienced packet loss.
  • UI Fix – Improved the event rules messaging text to better differentiate between various online game modes.
  • Art Fix – Resolved rare track issues which could have caused the player wheels to sink into the ground whilst on certain tracks.
  • UI Fix – Added a fix to prevent the vehicle avoidance OSD message appearing on screen when the feature is switched off.
  • UI Fix – Resolved issues which could potentially cause the scoring prompts to stay on during drift games.
  • Save Game Fix – Fixed a save game corruption issue which could occur over time in specific circumstances.

We’ll bring you more patch news as soon as we have it.

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