#GRIDatgamescom Round-Up and GRID Post-Launch Details



August 27, 2019

What. A. Week. Let’s catch you up on it all.

With the brand new GRID now just six weeks away from launch, we packed the trunk and headed down the Autobahn to Cologne, to give gamescom 2019 attendees a chance to be #LikeNoOther at the biggest gaming expo of the year.

And we weren’t just making up the numbers folks, GRID was at gamescom in force. In Hall 8, the impressive Xbox stand featured GRID front-and-centre, with four booths for players to jump on and lay down some rubber:

Over in Hall 9, meanwhile, we had something special up our sleeves. The GRID Garage was unveiled, kitted out with controller and wheel setups, some slick banners, outrageously comfy beanbags, and one of our favourite rides…

One of GRID’s cover cars, the incredible Porsche 911 RSR, came straight from the racetrack and rolled straight into gamescom. We had to keep it caged up, just in case it tried to bite anyone.

Sure, that’s pretty cool and all, but what about the game? Well, we’ll leave it up to the players to tell you how GRID went down in Germany:

The GRID Garage and our other booths were certainly a team effort, so there are plenty of thank yous to go around. Huge thanks to Xbox and Microsoft, Playseat, Porsche, Koch Media, Deep Silver, our brilliant support team on the show floor, and the entire gamescom team for putting on another amazing show.

To top it all off, GRID bagged another trophy to add to the Codemasters cabinet. At the inaugural Opening Night Live show, GRID was announced as Best Racing Game of gamescom 2019.

It’s fantastic to see such positive feedback on GRID from players and the gamescom judging panel. The team here have worked incredibly hard to bring you a racing experience worthy of the GRID name, and seeing that hard work praised makes it all worthwhile.


Whilst we enjoyed living in the moment at gamescom, we’re also busy laying down blocks for GRID’s future. On our way back from Cologne, we revealed some more details on post-launch plans for GRID, including laying out content for Ultimate Edition players. Check it out:

All content and features mentioned above is the result of extra work the team are putting in to add even more racing action on top of GRID after launch. Come October, all players, Ultimate Edition or not, will have the complete game, packed with over 100 Career events, endless race possibilities with 13 circuits, over 80 routes and a totally open system for creating events, and a multiplayer mode built for action with friends and racers across the globe.

Still, we’re committed to making GRID your place for unpredictable racing months, even years after October 11, so are putting in the work to deliver all this additional content in the future, over a long period of time. On top of the Ultimate Edition content listed, all players will receive new in-game features, including new circuits and objectives, for free.


So: great feedback from our gamescom 2019 players, launch just a few weeks away, and our post-launch plans set out… there’s no better time than now to pre-order your copy of GRID on PS4, Xbox One or PC, and earn your place in a racing experience #LikeNoOther.

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