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September 16, 2014

Touring Cars have a special place in our racing fuelled hearts which makes us extremely excited to detail our next new content drop for GRID Autosport…Touring Legends.

The Tracks

We’ll have two new tracks making an appearance within the Touring Car Legends pack, both of which should be instantly recognisable to any Touring Car fan.

First up we have Donington Park, a track that we know receives a lot of love amongst our Community, so it’s great to give it a home within GRID Autosport.


  • Grand Prix Circuit
  • Grand Prix Circuit Reversed
  • National Circuit
  • National Circuit Reversed

We’ve kept with the British theme for the pack and as the not so subtle screenshot below suggests, the second new track will of course be Silverstone.


  • Grand Prix Circuit
  • Grand Prix Circuit Reversed
  • GP 2009 Circuit
  • International Circuit
  • International Circuit Reversed
  • National Circuit

Single Player Championships

The Cars

  • Volvo 850 Estate Touring Car
  • Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car
  • Audi A4 Quattro Touring Car
  • BMW E30 Touring Car
  • Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Touring Car


Name Description Points Trophy
British Touring Legend Win the “Touring Legends British Championship” 20 Silver
European Touring Legend Win the “Touring Legends European Championship” 20 Silver
International Touring Legend Win the “Touring Legends International Championship” 20 Silver

The Touring Car Legends pack becomes available starting Tuesday 16th September across all three platforms and does come included as part of the Season Pass.

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