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September 10, 2019

GRID’s multiplayer features are designed around giving you the same choice, action and enjoyment that GRID’s single-player modes thrive on. It’s an all-out race for glory, with near-endless combinations of superb circuits and iconic cars awaiting you.

Whether you’re jumping into random races against the world, or running an all-night custom lobby with your friends, multiplayer in GRID delivers on excitement, intensity and fun, every time you get online.

Quick Match

Quick Match is the fastest way for you to get into the action. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the GRID experience with any car, on any circuit, in any condition, dive into Quick Match.
Here, you’ll be added to a lobby of other drivers and a race from GRID’s ever-changing, curated list of events will be chosen for you. From top GT models on race-ready tracks, to Tuner road cars on tight street circuits, and everything in between, be prepared for anything to be thrown your way.

Once your lobby is ready, it’s time to choose your car from the event’s chosen class. If you already own a car from that tier, you can race with it and earn the full amount of rewards. Don’t own one of the cars for that race? Each class and tier includes one vehicle that’s available to loan, which deducts a small amount of your winnings but gets you into the action.

Within two button presses from the main menu, you’re thrown into the Mulitiplayer Quick Match fray, where you can race as much as you want and back out at any time. It’s all about keeping you in the action and giving you a fresh, unpredictable racing experience, 24/7.


Private Match

Private Match is the place to be for those all-night race-fests with friends, bespoke events and organised, competitive racing. Private Match gives the lobby host the keys to just about all aspects of a GRID event, lets you customise them to your heart’s content, and then invite other racers into your preferred racing scenarios.

Choose between a Race, Time Attack or Point-to-Point event and choose any category and tier of racing from GRID to get started. Adjust privacy settings, decide if AI will also feature and their difficulty level, the damage level (including terminal), use of Flashbacks, how the grid order is formed and if you’ll use a standing or rolling start.

Want to extend the fun even more? Add a single-lap qualifying mode before races, add multiple rounds to create a championship with rolling points totals, and adjust the race distance, all the way up to 99 laps. Yep. Ninety-nine.

Why are we letting you adjust all the above? Because GRID is all about accessibility and choice. We want to give you the license to create experiences that exactly match what you want out of GRID, whatever that might be – from crash-heavy, just-for-laughs lobbies, to serious competitive racing.

Invite your friends, your foes, or your fellow racing league competitors into the lobby for a fully customised GRID experience that will truly be #LikeNoOther – because you designed it.



Who’s got time to sit on a lobby screen and just wait for other players to ready-up? We do things very differently in GRID…

Once you enter a lobby in either Quick Match or Private Match, you’ll be dropped into Skirmish: a multiplayer-only mode that puts you in the Jupiter Eagleray Mk5 on a figure-of-eight circuit. No route, no laps, no rules – just you and your lobby, free to race around and get… destructive.

Remember to jump into the menus to choose your car and ready up, of course, but this is a much better way of killing time before the next race, right?


#LikeNoOther in Multiplayer

Throughout all multiplayer events, you’ll earn rewards and have the chance to express how you’re a racer #LikeNoOther.

Currency is earned through competing in any GRID event, which can be used to purchase cars for your garage – essential to you earning full rewards in all races. You’ll also increase your Driver Level as you progress, which unlocks more liveries and customisable items. Speaking of which…

In the Player Profile page, customise your player card, which appears before the start of any race. Adjust your race number, and choose from the banner images, panel images, and accolades you’ve unlocked. Fly your country’s colours, show your individuality, let ‘em know what they’re up against. All of this will also appear when you finish an event in the top three, as you can bask in your glory and show off your true colours.

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