Race to the spectator stands for the first trailer of GRID Autosport on mobile



September 8, 2017

Hi all! We’ve taken over the Codies blog today to reveal the first trailer of GRID Autosport on mobile, which we’re bringing to iOS and Android.

The mobile version will use intuitive tilt and touch controls to deliver a mix of simulation and arcade handling direct to your device.

As you can see from the trailer, our goal is to bring the complete experience of GRID Autosport to mobile. That means 80+ cars on 100+ circuits, plus the entire collection of add-on content.

Speaking of add-on content, we can confirm it will all be included in GRID Autosport from launch. The game will be pay-once-and-play, with no micro-transactions or any in-app purchases.

Here are some features that fans of GRID Autosport have requested – and will get – for the mobile version:

• Demolition Derby
• Drag racing
• All the cars and circuits from the desktop version.
• Full MFi gamepad support.
• Cockpit view.

It’s looking promising…

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