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October 7, 2014

A new patch for GRID Autosport is currently being prepared for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and includes a number of fixes and improvements and will soon be making its way to you.

  • Drag mode addition – Additional code for the new “Drag” race mode. This mode is activated via the purchase of the upcoming “Drag” DLC pack (the DLC pack also contains new track data and vehicle data specifically for this mode).
  • Community Requested Fix – Repair costs of high mileage vehicles get progressively too high, this has been resolved.
  • Online Fix – To improve the online experience, player impact ratings are now enabled by default.
  • Community Requested Fix – Vehicle upgrades were fully functional even when vehicle tuning is disabled, this has been resolved.
  • DLC Support – Various fixes to ensure full compatibility of the Drag DLC, which contain new tracks, cars and game modes.
  • Online Fix – Resolved sporadic instances of network games loading into the race with just your team mate, despite having more players in the lobby.
  • Stability Improvement – Improved stability of the game under certain strained scenarios within the track select screen.
  • Stability Improvement – Improved stability for multi event sessions when using the checkpoint game mode.
  • Stability Improvement – Improved the stability of the game when using content from DLC packages.
  • Save Fix – Fix save game corruption issues caused by launching the latest DLC packages on older versions of the game.
  • Save Fix – Added preventative measures within the save system to avoid corrupt or invalid data with certain controller configurations
  • Community Gift – Rewarding all players an additional 500,000 in-game cash when the patch is applied. This is a small thank you to all who have supported the GRID series and the active community who have given us their constructive feedback.

We’re expecting the patch to go live very soon and for further info keep your eyes on our forums, Facebook and Twitter.

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