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October 25, 2019

Following the first ‘hotfix’ earlier this week, the first full patch for GRID is now being finalised for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Included in the changes coming in this patch are a number of community-reported topics that the GRID have prioritised and acted on, to further improve your experience with the game.

Version 1.1 is expected to roll out from the beginning of next week (W.C 28/10/2019) – keep on eye on the GRID social channels and the Codemasters Forums, where we’ll let you know when this process begins. In the meantime, we’ve compiled the patch notes for 1.1, which you can check out below.

This patch consists of visual improvements and fixes, including:


– Resolved multiple general text issues
– Fixed issue of screen cutting to black after selecting a vehicle from the relevant screen
– Volume of in-race commentary is now reduced at the startline
– Fixed several public PC crashes
– PC: cursors will now disappear when using a controller or wheel
– Fixed the ‘softlock’ state during the auto-save screen if players switch profile during Free Play


– Quick Match: all players can now experience terminal damage in races
– Fixed issue in multiplayer for human players starting slower than AI drivers in Time Attack
– Private Match: fixed issue for informing a player that they are the new lobby host
– Fixed issue stopping more than 6 players being able to get into a Quick Match session
– Fixed issue where players can become desynced from each other
– Resolved issue of crashes when players quit out of Spectate after re-joining a session
– Fixed issues causing crashes when finishing a Multiplayer event


– Fixed issue of race not starting if rolling start is enabled and the player has entered into a Hot Lap Qualifying session beforehand
– Fixed the ‘out of world’ issue on the Okutama Sprint routes
– Flashback: cars will no longer veer left or right immediately after using a Flashback following a collision
– Fixed flickering during gameplay with ultra-settings and 4K display
– Fixed Flashback issue altering a player’s fastest lap time
– Fixed Accolades issue where you could only complete certain Milestones in a single race

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