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November 7, 2014

Shortly after the release of GRID 2 we released some free DLC that focused on the Demo Derby aspect of the game, and for Autosport we went one step further by including that content within the game straight from the get go. Not to be out done by our previous efforts we’ve teamed up with Valve to offer our PC players a very special version of Demo Derby.

The Detroit Stadium becomes the ‘Badlands Stadium’ complete with trackside sponsorship from Mann Co. and your other favourite Team Fortress 2 corporations; such as Scoot’s Canoe, Jimi Jam, Gummy’s Burgers and more.

There are even a couple of Aperture Science flags flying, and the giant video wall now displays scenic messages, encouraging you to pay a visit to the likes of Gravel Pit and Teufort. There’s even a special ship hidden within the track scenery, let us know if you find it!


Represent RED or BLU with two new liveries for the Jupiter Eagleray Mk 5 and crash, smash and bash your way into the night as night time racing arrives for the first time in this game mode; with the action lit up by new floodlights, fireworks, neon signage and more.

We’ll be releasing the special Demoman Derby DLC for FREE, later today on Steam. Simply head on over to the store page and hit install.

Once installed, “Demoman Derby” appears as a new Party Mode for both Online and Offline Custom Cups!

We’ll see you at the Badlands Stadium and as our old friend the Demoman would say…”Ka-boooom!”

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