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March 7, 2019

Catch us if you can! Since last year’s launch on iOS and Android, F1® Mobile Racing has continued to evolve and improve. New modes like GP Events, new items like driver helmets, and fresh gameplay advances have seen the free-to-play official F1® mobile game go from strength to strength – and with Update 4 almost here, we’re in no mood to stop now.

We’ve been in constant contact with F1® Mobile Racing players on our social channels and the (shiny new) Codemasters Forums to help shape this next step forward. A common piece of feedback is that, whilst the Duel and Leagues system is fun, it would be great to see more rewards on offer for players who reach the top of that mode, or prefer to put their time into other features of the game.

That is exactly what this new addition is all about…


The XP system in F1® Mobile Racing adds a new layer of progression, unique to every player. It gives players a chance to win content from multiple areas of the game, by completing a huge variety of in-game tasks and actions.

Whether you’re winning races, improving your car’s R&D setup or just about anything else, you’ll be rewarded with XP that leads to unlocks and rewards.

That means all players have the chance to progress and achieve their goals in the game, regardless of their playing style. Loving the Duel mode and dead set on reaching the top Leagues? Prefer to race in Single mode and shave tenths of a second off your time? Obsessed with tinkering your car to make it your dream F1 machine? Whatever your style, the XP system ensures you are rewarded for it.

Players begin on a set level, which increases as you earn XP. Every time you reach a new level, you’ll earn content, such as new R&D parts, visual customisation options, or in-game currency. In terms of XP earned through racing: more XP will be earned for the fastest, most successful players, but rewards can still be earned for participation and progression.

XP in Update 4 is the first iteration and will evolve over time, adding even more tasks and depth to the system. It begins with 25 levels to progress through: all players will be placed at a certain level from the start, dictated by their progression in the game so far.

Speaking of which…

R&D Boxes

R&D Boxes increase the chances of you receiving valuable R&D parts to increase your performance potential.

In place of the existing Blueprint system, R&D Boxes are earned when a player wins a Duel. Boxes are then researched before being unlocked; if no research slot is available when you earn a R&D Box, it will be unavailable to acquire.

Boxes come in three different tiers: Regular (three parts), Rare (six parts) and Epic (nine parts). The higher the tier of box you win, the more likely you are to earn rare and valuable R&D parts. The system also aims to give you parts that are of use (parts you can install or stack to upgrade) much more regularly.

Once you’ve earned and equipped new parts from the Boxes, the R&D section will now give you a new way to view the effect of those parts on your car’s performance: a spider graph, displaying each of the five performance areas you can utilise. At the end of every Duel, the spider graphs of both drivers will be available to view.


Technical tweaks and improvements will also be on the agenda in the latest update. One worth keeping an eye on is a small change to the Leagues layout; to improve progression for all players, there’ll be minor changes to the parameters and Cup Points requirements, meaning you may begin Update 4 in a different League. We’re keeping players informed on these changes and more in the Forums. Here, we’ll also be revealing more details about the return of GP Events, so get bookmarking!


So, in short: more ways to progress, more goals to complete, and more items to be won. Update 4 is all about more.


As usual, we’re planning to run a livestream before Update 4’s launch to give you a sneak peak at the new content. Our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are the best place to keep up to date with this and plenty more – including all the news on 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship content coming to the game. As announced, the 2019 teams, cars and drivers will be in F1® Mobile Racing, and as soon as we have dates for this, we’ll spread the word!

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