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September 1, 2015

Greetings fellow minions,

We’ve been informed by those hideous meatsacks at Codemasters that the time is almost here to start asking for your offerings of gold!


While we freely admit to being delightfully evil we’re not mean so in return for your pledges of gold, we’re willing to part with these rather fetching hats we found in a rather war-torn dustbowl of a place. You can put them on your minions in our new game, you know!

But wait there’s more!

OVERLORD_FofE__Artbook_En 2

We’ll also be including a digital art book; don’t let the pretty pictures fool you. This tome is full of evil!

overlord-art-book-1 overlord-art-book-2

To get your hands on this treasure all you need to do is pre-order Overlord: Fellowship of Evil on Steam, beginning today, and then wait patiently for the 29th of September when our hunt for a new master begins.

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