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October 15, 2015

Evil upon you, weaklings! Welcome to another of my teachings; scribbled once more on this most curious of inventions of yours. I will never figure out the point of putting words into electrical space but your feeble brains seem to like it so it will suffice for now.

 This week, I’ve decided to give you a history lesson. A mighty, evil history lesson! So when my minions throw you all into the fiery pit of the Netherdeep you have something to think about while you burn.

 This, meatsacks, is the story of the Overlords, explained in vaguely coherent ramblings by another of those pathetic Codemasters fools while I turned the thumbscrews to gently encourage him.

 Behold the glory of the Dark Lords!


Love Gnarl x


 The Overlord Timeline

Although Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a spinoff, it’s canonically linked to the previous games in the Overlord series. Overlord’s history is pretty detailed, so to try and avoid problems, we thought it wise to make a timeline of key events that we could wall-mount for the team.

This is an internal document, and was never really intended for public consumption – but we thought it might be cool to share with fans.

Note: Naturally, this diagram contains MAJOR spoilers for the plots of Overlord Dark Legend, Overlord: Raising Hell and Overlord 2!

Overlord Timeline




Not to Scale

The horizontal axis (time) is not labelled. This is intentional, as the Overlord series has never established a consistent system of dating that runs alongside the franchise. It’s also not to scale, meaning that it just describes the order of events, not the time that passed between them.

For instance, if the diagram were to scale, it would suggest the narrative of Overlord: Dark Legend isn’t particularly long before the events of Overlord: Raising Hell. This is not the case; an unspecified length of time passes between these points.

“The Overlord” – Nomenclature

On the Overlord wiki, and in online discussions, fans name Gromguard of Dark Legend as “the first Overlord”, the main character of Overlord: Raising Hell as “the second Overlord”, and so on. This has been adopted as fanon, but fans should take note – this is not borne out by the games themselves. Each Overlord character, at each point, is simply seen by those around them as “The” Overlord.

A simpler way to put this is that Gromguard was not the “first” Overlord, and the main character of Overlord: Raising Hell was not the “third”. In fact, the Overlord lineage is much older than either of these characters, and is not a familial lineage (the Overlord in Overlord II is the son of the main character in Overlord: Raising Hell, but this is the exception, not the rule).

Even Gnarl, the Overlord’s oldest servant, has long since given up trying to number his many former masters.

Overlord: Minions

Fans will notice that the diagram treats Overlord: Minions as taking place at an unspecified point in the timeline. Whilst Overlord: Minions can be tethered down to a specific point (fans have attempted to do so), the events in the narrative aren’t referenced in the “main” games. We knew that Overlord: FoE was going to take place later, but not directly refer to this plot – so we resisted the temptation to give it a specific position. We’re interested to know where fans believe it should go (we’ve seen a number of theories discussed online over the years).

Overlord: FoE’s location

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is set a significant time after the events of Overlord II, so much as to be in a completely different era. It follows a period of peace and “niceness” in the Overlord world, in which good has the upper hand and evil is on its last legs. Retreating to the Netherdeep, the lowest point in the Overlord world that lies above the Abyss, Gnarl hatches a plan to summon four candidates for the position of Overlord – the Netherghūl.

Initially weak (they are, after all, dead!), the Netherghūl have a huge task before them if they want to “bring back the black”. For now, they put aside their differences and begrudgingly co-operate, but they will watch out for any way to step ahead and rise to be the sole, unchallenged leader of the minions – the one, true Overlord.

As Gnarl says – evil always finds a way.

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