Mont Tremblant Makes The List

The early stages of a new game project are always exciting, it’s the point where all the ideas meetings happen and we discuss what tracks and cars we want to include.  This is where THE LIST comes into play.  We all have one, that wish list of tracks or cars that we’d love to see […]

Discipline Focus // Touring

Touring cars are back. We love them. You love them. And you’ve definitely let us know you love them! So, at the top of the ‘GRID Autosport’ ideas list we had when we were coming up with the game was TOURING CARS. And yes, that’s right, we broke out the CAPS. We don’t usually like […]

Jarama // Summertime Racing

There are some circuits that stick with you, the perfect blend of technical curves and flat out straights, easy to learn but hard to tame.   When I think of the all the hours I spent playing Race Driver: GRID, the Touring Cars round Jarama is definitely one of the highlights. So, when we first started […]

The VFX of Yas Marina

For anyone who’s been to a motorsport event, one thing that is very clear is the sights, smells and atmosphere around the track. Something we pride ourselves on here at Codemasters is the ability to bring our tracks and environments to life.  Being able put the player in the event and make them feel that they […]

Location Spotlight: Sepang

Built in 1999 and located in Malaysia, the Sepang International Circuit has hosted a variety of major motorsport events, most notably the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix which has taken place every year since its opening. The primary route consists of 15 turns and 8 straights with plenty of overtaking opportunities along the 5.543km of […]

Location Spotlight: San Francisco

It’s hard to find many people who don’t remember that first race in Race Driver: GRID and it’s partly the reason why we’ve decided to bring back the iconic city of San Francisco into GRID Autosport. The street-based circuit makes for some great pack racing, with overtakes having to be timed to perfection or the […]