Monster Energy Racing

Monster Energy Racing have a high profile presence in Street and Tuner racing, where they have invested heavily in these edgy styles of racing. If you can secure a drive with them in the first tiers of the other driving disciplines, Monster teams are well funded and well equipped, and can propel your career on […]


You’ll see Team KICKER place strongly in the more traditional motorsports of Touring, Endurance and Open Wheel disciplines. They are the team most likely to give Ravenwest a run for their money in these styles of racing, and you’ll need a proven record of success before they’ll make you an offer. If you’re fortunate enough […]

Oakley Motorsport

Oakley Motorsport has a presence in almost every tier of every style of racing in GRID Autosport. They have a minor presence in the lower tiers of most styles of racing, and are often prepared to give rookie racers their break in the hope of finding the next big racing talent. Oakley invest more heavily […]

Ravenwest Motorsport

Ravenwest were a team that instilled fear into the hearts of many race drivers over the course of their careers. Founded in 2008 and fronted by the now legendary Nathan McKane and Rick Scott the team are back from a prolonged absence and ready to get back to doing what they do best…winning races with […]