Codies Disco Returns

Forged in the fire of a Friday afternoon long, long ago the Codies Disco was born. Over time it grew into a mythical beast eventually slaying its original creator and banishing him to a role working for a PR company selling laptops. The Disco was thought dead but on this day it returned to Southam […]

The Soundtrack of DiRT 3

In honour of the Humble Weekly Sale, our chosen charity SpecialEffect and because it’s Friday we’ve decided to dust off the record collection and let the DiRT 3 Soundtrack play us out of the week. You can find more out about SpecialEffect and the amazing work they do over on the blog here and if you’ve […]

Codies Blog Christmas Playlist

It has been a pretty hectic week here at Codemasters what with the new blog launching, the Steam box showing up, our Winter GameJam and that’s not to mention getting ready for all the sales! It’s been so busy that we hadn’t had time to get into the Christmas spirit; thankfully we have a legion of […]