PC & PS3 Codies League Championship Round-Up – 29/07/14

We’ll start this week’s round-up with a big congratulations to Formula Thor Racing who took home the PS3 CLC in Brazil, worthy winners, who looked strong throughout the season.  That sadly marks the end of the PS3 CLC, but don’t worry, we still have two PC races to look forward to! Last week’s final PS3 […]

PC & PS3 Codies League Championship Round-Up – 22/07/14

The Codies League Championship was on top form last week with both the PS3 and PC seasons producing some great racing. This week the PC season heads to Spa for GP 3 while the PS3 season comes to an end with GP 5 in Brazil. Once again the combination of the CLC and COTA produced […]

PC & PS3 Codies League Championship Round-Up – 15/07/14

The Codies League Championship is in full swing this week with the PS3 season heading to COTA for GP 4 and the PC leagues taking to Catalunya for GP 2. The PS3 season has already provided some incredible wheel to wheel action and last week’s race at Spa was no different. The last few laps […]

CLC PC – Meet the Contenders

This week sees our third Codies League Championship swing into action with seven of the top PC leagues on F1 2013 battling it out in Melbourne! The first GP starts at 8PM UK time on July 10th and will be streamed live on Twitch. The remainder of the calendar can be found below. We had a […]

CLC PS3 – Meet the Contenders

The Codies League Championship (CLC) is back! Starting June 27th you’ll be able to watch incredible spectacles of online racing, featuring some of the top leagues on PlayStation competing for the Championship title. The CLC consists of 5 weekly races, and we’re happy to confirm that each and every one will be streamed live on […]

Codies League Championship – PS3 and PC

It’s been a few weeks since our very first Codies League Championship came to an end with Apex Online Racing taking home the inaugural Xbox 360 season. When announcing the CLC we confirmed early-on that new seasons would eventually open up to other platforms; which is why today we’re happy to announce that applications are […]