Community Spotlight – Josh Martin

We’re back with another Community Spotlight! This week we’re speaking to Josh Martin, a member of our F1 community that’s landed himself a seat in the 2015 MSA British Formula Ford Racing championships! Name: Josh Martin Drives: 1.6 200PS Formula Ford EcoBoost Series: 2015 MSA British Formula Ford Racing Twitter: @J0SHTER YouTube: How long have […]

Community Spotlight – Xbox Racing League

This week we’re shining the Community Spotlight on the Xbox Racing League (XRL), one of the (if not the) largest F1 leagues in Australia. We spoke to Nick, one of the admins, about how the league started, and how this year’s season came to an exciting end. Name: Xbox Racing League Supported Platforms: Xbox 360 (Xbox […]


With GRID Autosport now in the hands of the tame and not so tame race drivers across the world we thought we’d start to look at the Clubs of GRID Autosport. Who they are, when and where they race and more importantly, how you can get involved. For our first ever Club Spotlight we caught […]

My Awesome Rig: Avenga76

It’s Community Spotlight time and this week we’re talking to Codemasters forum member; DiRT fan and owner of one of the sweetest gaming rigs we’ve ever seen; Avenga76. Tell us about your rig and give us some hard specs My rig is a heavily modified GT Omega EVO chassis using a Fanatec Clubsport wheel, pedals […]

Pinnacle League

This week’s community spotlight shines on the familiar Pinnacle League, a group of players you may have seen compete in our very first Codies League Championship. We had a chat with league admin Adam about Pinnacle and its latest season. Name: Pinnacle League Supported Platforms: Xbox 360 and PS3 Twitter: @PinnacleLeague Website: How many […]

Apex Online Racing

Welcome to our fourth Community Spotlight! This week we caught up with FisiFan91, the admin for one of the most renowned racing leagues around – Apex Online Racing. Name: Apex Online Racing (AOR) Supported Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC Website: Twitter: YouTube: How many platforms does your league support? We have […]

RyanL83’s Overtakes of the Week

This week’s Community Spotlight shines on the incredible Overtakes of the Week series and its creator RyanL983. The weekly series is jam-packed full of incredible F1 overtakes with hundreds of players across the globe sending in their footage and hoping to land in the top 10. We love this series because it combines two of […]


Welcome to our second Community Spotlight – a new series here on the blog, that basically showcases all of the awesome things you do with our games. This week it’s time shine the spotlight on our incredible YouTube community and one of our favourite content creators; Aarava. Aarava began to make a name for himself […]

Vortex Racing Leagues

As Community Managers we’re always keeping an eye out on what awesome stuff you’re doing with our games. From kick ass YouTube videos, to professional racing leagues, to the crazy gaming setup in your bedroom; we love this stuff, and we want to share it. Our weekly Community Showcase will do just that, share the […]