Codies Racing Line – April 2, 2020

Hey everyone. First things first, we hope you all are staying safe and well at home. Instinctively, you look for silver linings during difficult times, and there’s no doubt that gaming is a pretty darn shiny example of one right now. From lap records to legendary speed-runs, we’ve seen you really dive into Codies games […]

GRID: Car Tuning in Multiplayer and More Community-Requested Additions

Hey everyone, Whilst Season 2 for GRID has only just hit the track, we’re already looking towards the future – and looking at how to keep up the pace with GRID by listening to you, the players. On top of headline-grabbing content like new cars and circuits, we’ve continuously made tweaks and additions to the […]

Codies Racing Line – February 20, 2020

Don’t worry – we were freaked out by the date and title as well. 20/02/2020. Yikes. Despite a date like this probably triggering some kind of apocalyptic scenario, the Codies team have waded through the storms and the rubble to keep delivering the gaming goodness we all need. From new video guides for budding rally specialists, […]

Codies Racing Line – February 6, 2020

Congratulations everyone. Give yourselves a pat on the back. By hook or by crook, you made it through the cold, bleak, 67-day month known as January. Kicking off a fresh year is rarely easy, but we got through it together – probably aided by some sweet racing titles to speed you through January. Whether you […]

Codies Racing Line – January 23, 2020

January is all about doing something different, right? Trying out this, cutting that out of your diet, doing more of this, less of that… we all seem to be kicking off the year by being intent on making changes. Ugh. What if you like what you’re doing right now? What if, say, you were supposed to write […]

Codies Racing Line – January 9, 2020

So, we’ve made it through the festive period and seen off the last of the mince pies, and this is 2020? We don’t like to be too negative here at the Racing Line, but to be honest… I feel like we were promised more in this decade.  Where are the hover-buses? Where are the pay-as-you-go teleportation tubes? […]

Codies Racing Line – November 14, 2019

Don’t worry. Don’t panic. This is a safe space. Whilst social media channels, television screens and plenty more mediums are starting to get all festive, we’ve decided to keep this week’s Racing Line a Christmas-free zone. It’s far too early – and besides, with so much news, announcements and insights to bring on all things […]

Codies Racing Line – October 31, 2019

Welcome to the first ever Codies Racing Line – Spooo000oo00ky Edition! What’s so terrifying and nightmare-inducing about our latest fortnightly update on all Codemasters news and goings-on, you ask? Well… erm… we’ve switched the lights off in the office whilst writing it. And… it’s a little foggy outside, a bit like a level from Silent […]

Codies Racing Line – October 3, 2019

What’s your ‘Christmas come early’ moment? Is it when your favourite band comes to your home town?  When your partner messages you after work to say ‘don’t worry about cooking, I’ll grab a takeaway’? Strong candidates, for sure – but we get all giddy here at Codemasters HQ for something different.   There’s that buzz […]

GRID – Everything You Need to Know

Practice: finished. Warm-up: done. Checks: completed. It’s almost time to take your place on the GRID.