DiRT Fan Wallpapers

Earlier this week we asked you why you love Rally and the response was so great that when trying to share your comments with the rest of the DiRT team, a simple copy/paste in an email didn’t do them justice. So I created a set of DiRT Fan wallpapers using some of the photos Phil […]

The Great Codies Sticker Swap

At the beginning of each New Year many of the Codemasters’ staff start a nice new notebook to help them manage their work throughout the year and 2014 is no different. Personalising them is something that is taken very seriously and you can bet that in many a meeting, eyes glance surreptitiously at colleagues’ jotters […]

A Forum Update

Since announcing new Codemasters forums at the tail end of 2013 we’ve been hard at work on the new boards. Currently we have no solid release date; however we are pushing for sooner rather than later. Our top priority is to get the forums online as soon as possible, we know how important they are […]

The Autosport International Show

On Friday last week myself and Luke had the opportunity to get out of the office and visit the Autosport International Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The show is basically everything that is great about cars and motorsport, inside the halls you’ll find everything from trade stands and manufacturers, to Go-Karts and […]

F1 Moments of 2013

With 361 votes Vettel’s first win in Germany makes number 7 on our list. Epic moment, epic race, epic driver. – Michael (Facebook)

10 Motorsport Reasons Why 2014 Will Be Awesome

2014 could just be one of the most awesome years in motorsport yet. A lot of the established championships are going to be making some major changes and we’ll even see the birth of a few new ones. Only time will tell if I’m right but from here 2014 is looking like it’s going to […]

The Steam Box is Here!

Like you our eyes lit up and our hearts filled with joy when Valve first announced the Steam Box. Since that day members of the Codemasters staff have taken it in shifts, waiting, hoping… that the post man might bestow on us one of these shiny new toys. We almost lost hope, but then like […]

A Look Back at 2013

It’s hard to imagine that we’re now just weeks away from the end of 2013 and ready to accelerate into 2014, but while we’re hard at work on several super-exciting future projects (more on those next year) and our Winter GameJam (you can check our GameJam stuff here) , it seems a good time to […]

Our New Wheels

Welcome to the new look Codies Blog! Over the last few weeks we have been busy putting together what we think is a great-looking, easy to use blog that brings all of the content you want to read under one bonnet. The aim with the new Codies Blog is to bring all of that cool […]

Content Creators

Over the last few years it’s been great watching all the let’s play, reviews, previews and gameplay commentaries that our Community have created on YouTube. We already engage with Community websites and have done so for quite some time, but we’d now like to extend this engagement with our talented video creators and more importantly […]