DiRT Rally Road Book – 08/07/15

As the eagle eyed among you may have noticed last week DiRT Chief Game Designer and myself took a trip to Sweden for round 6 of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in Höljes. We had a lot of fun and it really was a pleasure to work with the amazing people from World RX, the […]

Tarmac Terrors – Now Available for DiRT Rally

Month three of DiRT Rally and our next big update is now live. Version v.0.5 – more commonly known as the Tarmac Terrors update – has now been added to DiRT Rally; it’s fast paced, technical and is going to require all your focus. Here’s the full run down of what you can expect in […]

DiRT Rally Road Book – 26/06/15

Everything this week has been crazy! Trying to get everything ready for our Tarmac Terrors update, looking through all of you feedback following the FFB update, welcoming our new players who joined us in the Steam Monster Summer Sale, trying to organise a massive event for next week and on top of all of that […]

DiRT Rally Road Book – 19/06/15

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the DiRT Rally Road book. It’s been another hectic week here at our Warwickshire studio, not only have we been hard at work putting the finishing touches to our Tarmac Terrors update but work is well underway on our Rallycross pack. That’s not to mention the work […]

DiRT Rally Force Feedback Update

Great news everyone! DiRT Rally’s FFB update is almost ready to go live but before we do that we wanted to drop the full details on what it is we’ve changed so that it has a little time to sink in. Improved Force Feedback There are two main parts to the FFB update, this first […]

DiRT Rally Road Book – 10/06/15

Hello from sunny Warwickshire and welcome to this week’s Road Book. It’s been a pretty hectic few days for us, we’ve been busy preparing for the FFB update, re-evaluating how we handle bugs, looking forward to Germany and we’ve even had a few exciting meetings on what we’ll be up to this summer. I’ll hand […]

DiRT Rally Road Book – 05/06/15

Hello and welcome to this week’s slightly delayed Road Book. As some of our regular followers may have noticed, we had a mini crisis this Wednesday when the Road Book would usually go live but everything is sorted now. To catch those up who weren’t around the TL;DR version is we accidently put a still-in-development […]

Pikes Peak – From the Ground Up

Hi DiRT fans!  I’m John Barnes, Experienced Level Designer. On DiRT Rally, besides being responsible for building the Monte Carlo stages, I also got to build what is probably the most requested track in Codemasters’ history: Pikes Peak! For those who don’t know, Pikes Peak is a track set in the stunning Rocky Mountains of […]

DiRT Rally Road Book – 27/05/15

Here it is, the first Road Book following the launch of DiRT Rally V.0.4, more commonly known as the Pikes Peak Update. Here’s a rundown of everything we added in yesterday’s pack. The world famous Pikes Peak – Built from the ground up in its full-fat modern tarmac state (the first time in a video […]

Pikes Peak – Out Now For DiRT Rally

It seems like forever ago when we pushed the button and surprised the world with DiRT Rally. To everybody reading this screen we can’t thank you enough. Today we’re really pleased to be able to push the button on our first big update, the Pikes Peak Pack which is available now and included in DiRT […]