Your Guide To F1® 2019’s Free Trial

With the 2020 F1® season still a long way away, now’s the best time to get into F1® 2019. And what better way than with a free trial? Luckily for you, we’re here to ease you nice and gently into the world of F1® 2019. Playing on PlayStation 4? You can find the trial here. […]

Codies Racing Line – January 23, 2020

January is all about doing something different, right? Trying out this, cutting that out of your diet, doing more of this, less of that… we all seem to be kicking off the year by being intent on making changes. Ugh. What if you like what you’re doing right now? What if, say, you were supposed to write […]

F1® 2019: Set Up for Glory – Part 4: Wet Weather Driving

Why does it always rain on me? – Get to grips with wet weather driving Driving in the rain makes your car and the track behave totally differently. Racing lines that you would normally take in the dry to go faster become slower, run off areas and kerbs go from friend to foe, and being […]

Codies Racing Line – January 9, 2020

So, we’ve made it through the festive period and seen off the last of the mince pies, and this is 2020? We don’t like to be too negative here at the Racing Line, but to be honest… I feel like we were promised more in this decade.  Where are the hover-buses? Where are the pay-as-you-go teleportation tubes? […]

F1® 2019: Set Up for Glory – Part 3: Brakes & Tyres

Tyred of making that extra pitstop? – Do’s and doughnuts for your brakes and tyres Want to check out the previous guides? Head to part 1: The MFD here and part two: Aero & Suspension here. You have over 1000 horsepower available, and all the downforce you need to get around those high-speed corners, but […]

Win a Pierre Gasly signed copy of F1® 2019 for PS4

What a year we’ve had! From dropping the news that F1® 2019 was coming earlier than ever back in March, with this epic trailer: To announcing the Legends Edition, previewing the game in Hamburg in May, announcing a brand new F1® Esports Series, with all 10 of the official F1® teams taking part, and seeing brand […]

F1® 2019: Set Up for Glory – Part 2: Aero & Suspension

Car being a drag? Get up to speed with aerodynamics and suspension adjustments Looking for part 1? Go here! Aerodynamics (or Aero for short) is all about finding the perfect wing setup for each specific circuit. The less aero, with smaller wings, makes the car quicker in a straight line but tougher to handle in […]

F1® 2019: Set Up for Glory – Part 1: The MFD

Fuelled for Success- Introduction to the Multi-Function Display So, you’ve installed the game, loaded it up and just want to drive as fast as you can, right? Time to take down the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz and take your place at the top of the motorsport food chain, and, along […]

Codies Racing Line – December 11, 2019

Everyone raise your pumpkin spiced latte for the final Racing Line of 2019! As two weeks today we’ll be busy opening presents, spreading festive cheer, and politely smiling as we receive a third Lynx Africa gift set, our fortnightly round-up of all the major Codemasters goings-on won’t be back until the big double-20. We couldn’t […]

Codies Racing Line – November 28, 2019

Whilst it’s very tempting at this time of year to look forward (Christmas festivities, New Year parties, adorable school plays), we’ve actually been doing a bit of reminiscing this week. Turns out that it’s the six-month anniversary of the Racing Line! That means 26 letters for you with Codies news, exclusive announcements, community and developments projects, […]