Codies Racing Line – July 23, 2020

Hey everyone, As always, we hope everyone is staying healthy, happy and safe. We once again want to thank our entire community for your continued support, feedback and excitement, which keeps driving us forward. Pun absolutely intended! This year of gaming is truly starting to take shape, with those glitzy press conferences, big reveals and […]

Codies Racing Line – July 9, 2020

Hey everyone, Once again we hope everyone is happy and healthy, and making use of gaming to stay sociable and entertained. It’s good to be back with yet another bumper blog on all things Codemasters from the past fortnight! This time around with the Racing Line, we’re shaking things up a little. As well as […]

Codies Racing Line – June 25, 2020

Hey everyone, As always, we want to begin the Racing Line by wishing you all well, and hope you’re staying happy and healthy. The fans and paddling pools are well and truly out across the homes of the Codies team, as we remotely battle the UK heatwave! It’s undoubtedly one of the busiest times of […]

Codies Racing Line – June 11, 2020

Hey everyone, As always, we hope you are all staying well and healthy, and hope our games are continuing to bring you entertainment and escapism during this time. For anyone playing Codies games right now, always feel free to drop us a message on our social channels, the Forums or official Discord channels. Show us […]

Codies Racing Line – May 28, 2020

Hey everyone, As always, we want to kick off by sending our best wishes to everyone during these times, and we hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. Our thanks and support go out once again to the entire Codemasters community, with so many of you turning to gaming and sharing your experiences with us. […]

Codies Racing Line – May 14, 2020

Hey everyone, As always, we hope everyone is healthy and happy during these times, and using video games to stay entertained and occupied. The Codemasters team is very much settled into a new working routine, and going full speed ahead as ever with our ongoing projects to help gamers enjoy and escape. Of course, if […]

Codies Racing Line – April 30, 2020

Hey everyone, First things first, we once again hope everyone is well, staying safe and healthy, and making good use of gaming for entertainment and escapism. The Codies team is now very much in its stride in a new working process, adapting to ensure we keep moving forward with projects and delivering the goods to […]

Codies Racing Line – April 16, 2020

Hey everyone – welcome to the latest edition of the Racing Line! We’ve stopped picking up chocolate eggs at a sensationally low post-Easter price to bring you the next fortnightly update on all things Codemasters. We hope everyone is still keeping safe, well and happy in the current climate. We’re thrilled to see many of […]