Livery Challenge // Green With Envy

It’s hot, almost too hot and while we’re collectively melting at our desks we’re back for another livery challenge. Being based in the middle of the English countryside we’re quite used to green scenery, but this week we want you to take that green and apply it to your favourite cars in GRID Autosport. It […]

Livery Challenge // Stripes

Football fever may well be over for us and while the German members of the team continue their celebrations we’re putting the football behind us and looking ahead to this week’s livery challenge. Stripes are cool, well we think so anyway and because of this fact your task this week is to create the best […]

Livery Challenge: The World Cup Edition

Last week we laid down our first ever livery challenge, and boy did you deliver! Our inboxes were flooded with cars painted in their red, white and blue stylings and we’ve had a tough job choosing some of our favourites, but choose we did. You’ll find our picks of the bunch down below. We’ve had […]