Run to the Hills

It’s not often enough that the DiRT team breach the perimeter of Codies HQ as a collective, but when there’s the sights and sounds of a World Rally Championship Stage taking place within driving distance, you know it’s time for a day out. Wales – land of song, home to the mythical King Arthur and […]

Paddock Pass: The Audio

Welcome to our third F1 2013 Paddock Pass! This week we’re looking into the game’s audio and how our team record that authentic Formula 1 sound. We sat down with our Group Lead Audio Designer Mark Knight after a day spent recording classic F1 audio to ask some of your questions and some of our […]

Paddock Pass: The Visuals

Welcome to our second F1 2013 Paddock Pass blog post where we’ll be taking a look at the game’s visuals and art direction with Paul Jeal (Game Director) and Anthony Filice (Art Director). Just like last time, we asked you for questions via Twitter and pitched them to the team. Here’s what they had to […]

Paddock Pass: The Handling

Welcome to our first F1 2013 Paddock Pass blog post! In this series we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at F1 2013 and specific areas within our studio. Not only will this provide a glimpse into the game’s development, but it’ll give you the chance to have your questions answered by those […]

Remaking A Classic

It’s been a long time since the first Colin McRae Rally was released and while our latest iOS offering is based largely on Colin McRae Rally 2.0 it has benefited from technology implemented to many of our games since then – So what technical improvements have we made? there’s no way that PS1 graphics could […]

LiveRoutes, Only in GRID 2

So, we’re hurtling along with the development of GRID 2 and things really are coming together at an incredible pace. One of the things we’re very excited about is our new LiveRoutes system and as we are really enjoying how it’s shaping up internally, it feels like a good time to explain the system in […]

The TrueFeel Process

Since we’ve announced GRID 2 it’s been great to speak more openly about its development. Many of the recurring questions I’ve had since the game’s unveiling involve TrueFeel – our new handling model for GRID 2. It’s something we’re really excited about and it lies at the core of our racing experience. I therefore thought […]

Lighting GRID 2

Welcome to our latest GRID 2 Developer Blog. GRID was pretty, GRID 2 is taking things to another level. So today we’ve ripped Technical Art Director Jorge Hernandez-Soria and Associate Art Director Daniel Oxford away from their desks and refused to release them until they spilled the beans on fancy new lighting advancements, the feel […]

The Tracks of F1 Race Stars Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our Track and Environment interview with Gavin Cooper and Harvey Parker. In today’s article we’ll learn more about the art direction and what Gavin and Harvey’s favourite tracks are. Codemasters has also made the official FORUMLA ONE games. Was there much crossover between the studios? The core of people who worked […]

The Art of F1 Race Stars Part 2

Last week in part 1 of our interview with F1 RACE STARS Art Director, Harvey Parker, we took a look at the influences that played a part in F1 RACE STARS character styling and learned about the “Automotive fold”. Read part 2 below to get an inside look on the process of creating the characters. […]