The Tracks of F1 Race Stars Part 1

Drive through an aquarium in a FOMRULA ONE CAR? Speed across Bullet trains in Japan? Welcome to F1 RACE STARS! Today we’re sat down with Harvey Parker (Art Director) and Gavin Cooper (Chief Games Designer) to talk about how they set about they set about taking FORMULA ONE tracks and environments and creating a whole […]

The Handling of F1 Race Stars

F1 Race Stars isn’t your typical karting experience. In a genre where the normal template is a caricature of rallying, we’ve instead distilled the finesse of Formula 1 races. The most important difference is the one that has been with us since the game’s very first pitch, the removal of power-sliding. Instead you’ll be braking […]

The Art of F1 Race Stars Part 1

Since we released the first images of the F1 Race Stars drivers, we received a huge amount of feedback on the character style and the overwhelming consensus was that people love them! We decided to have a chat with Art Director, Harvey Parker, about how the look of the F1 Race Stars characters came about. First of […]

The AI of F1 Race Stars

We’ve put a lot of effort into the computer drivers in F1 Race Stars, and the results are great. Unlike many other racing games’ AIs, our drivers control their karts in the same way as a human, don’t cheat, and are smart enough to avoid hazards and each other… some of the time! The game […]