Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – A Legacy Of Evil

Evil upon you, weaklings! Welcome to another of my teachings; scribbled once more on this most curious of inventions of yours. I will never figure out the point of putting words into electrical space but your feeble brains seem to like it so it will suffice for now.  This week, I’ve decided to give you […]

Overlord Fellowship of Evil – Steam Pre Order Bonuses

Greetings fellow minions, We’ve been informed by those hideous meatsacks at Codemasters that the time is almost here to start asking for your offerings of gold! While we freely admit to being delightfully evil we’re not mean so in return for your pledges of gold, we’re willing to part with these rather fetching hats we […]

Minionstry of Information – Slay Together, Stay Together

Greetings loyal servants of the Overlord, it is I your minion master Gnarl with another Minionstry of Information brought to you by those dimwits at Codemasters. I get the impression from my Twitter that they aren’t being particularly forthcoming with information so I sent the browns out to capture one of the developers and we […]

Overlord – Know Your Minions and Your Questions Answered

Greetings Humans, While those meatsacks at Codemasters have been busy working away I’ve been teaching Ricket to read using your messages. I must say some of them were delightfully evil and we’ve even learnt a few new words. Being the inquisitive beings that you are it would appear that you had a lot of questions […]

An Open Letter from Gnarl

After the destruction of our last Overlord, the land was in a state of pastoral bliss. Filled with pleasant conversation and tinkly niceness. It was all so very… dull. Evil, it seemed, was on its last legs. We Minions searched high and low until we found our salvation. All that remained was to find the […]