RaceNet and GRID Autosport

Having launched alongside DiRT Showdown back in 2012, it’s crazy to think that RaceNet is over two years old already. New games have arrived and with each one the service continues to evolve. We’re now on the brink of releasing GRID Autosport to the world, and with it, our best RaceNet support to date. We’ve […]

RaceNet – One Million Racers and Counting

RaceNet launched as a beta in May 2012 alongside the release of Dirt Showdown, and since then it has been integrated into a number of our games; F1 2012, F1 Race Stars, GRID 2 and more recently F1 2013. Over the past 22 months we’ve seen the service come out of beta and launch a […]

RaceNet For GRID 2

RaceNet is the beating heart of GRID 2’s extensive multiplayer component and is something we think you’re really going to love and get a lot out of in the coming weeks and months. It’s been in beta for a while but adds a huge amount of extra functionality and content when it launches fully with […]