Soap – Energise your Palette

Another decent day of progress today, but still plenty to do. This update will be a quick one! The Soap Cart itself is now getting some love and attention, since we’ve been discussing styles and we know what we want. Now it’s just a case of getting it built in time! Rich has plenty of work […]

Soap – The Good, The Bad and The Best

Tuesday was a bit of a rollercoaster for us, we had some really bad news followed by some really good news, and that trend pretty much continued throughout the whole day. By the evening we were licking our wounds, but looking at some encouraging progress. First, the bad news. Our Technical Artist and all-round hero […]

GameJam – Soap

The first day of a game jam is usually a whirlwind of build setups and discussions about what we can possibly achieve in less than a week of development time. Today was exactly that. Having decided that we wanted to create a new take on the soapbox racer – codename Soap – it was a […]