Diving into the VR world of Toybox Turbos with Oculus Rift

Virtual reality is something we’ve been getting quietly giddy about at Codemasters for a while now. Aside from the fact that we count a lot of very geeky gamers amongst ourselves – the kind of people who would (and did!) spend their own money on Oculus Kickstarter kits – we’re also excited about seeing more […]

Codies Weekly Update 14-11-14

If I had started writing this a few hours ago then the opening paragraph would have been depicting a very wet scene and one that would usually be associated with a rather large boat and quite a few animals. Thankfully I’m not, and the good news is the sun is shining and we’ve got some […]

Toybox Turbos Multiplayer – Four Times The Fun!

Tom Goodchild, principal games designer, takes you through bringing four-player local multiplayer to Toybox Turbos! Ok, I’m going to show my age here, but I’m privileged enough (or old enough!) to have enjoyed playing video games for over twenty years, and some of my favourite memories in multiplayer gaming was when everyone playing together around […]

Announcing Toybox Turbos – Woo!

Here we go then – it’s time for a slice of retro Codies arcade racing like out of the nineties with our new game Toybox Turbos! Bursting with multiplayer fun to share with your friends and family, Toybox Turbos takes you to kitchen tables, pool halls and science labs in this manic, miniaturised table top […]