Codies Weekly Update 7-11-14

Feels like I’ve not done this for ages… Worried I’ve forgotten how to do it! Ah I know the weather, it’s grey, grey and cold – autumn in the UK is such a lovely time of year. Fear not, there is a little ray of sunshine on the horizon as next week sees the big […]

Codies Weekly Update 31-10-14

Another (wet and windy) week comes to an end here at Codies HQ, let’s dive in with all the latest happenings! Happy Halloween We do love Halloween, and it’s easily our fourth most favourite time of year. The Minions always seem exceptionally chipper, perhaps it’s because the pumpkin fields are overflowing with their orangey goodness. […]

Codies Weekly Update 24-10-14

Today is a glorious day here at Codemasters, (well not weather–wise), but today we get to do one of the most awesome things we ever get to do and that’s announce a brand new game! Yes that’s right, today we announced Toybox Turbos – a brand new slice of retro Codies arcade fun! Bursting with […]

Codies Weekly Update 17-10-14

Today across our Southam HQ we’ve got a good deal of cloud making its appearance known but blue skies are breaking through intermittently.  Precipitation is at 20%, humidity 82% and there’s a rather chilly 14mph wind coming up from the south that’s adding just a small nip into the air. Temperature is a comfortable 19°C […]

Codies Weekly Update 10-10-14

We know you secretly only read this for the Warwickshire weather update and we’re pleased to say that it’s sunny today despite the erratic behaviour of the skies earlier this week. If however you’re here for the latest F1 2014 news or want to find out how to get your Oculus Rift working with GRID […]

Codies Weekly Update 03-10-14

It’s World Smile day today and if there’s something we’re not short on at Codemasters it’s smiles. It’s sunny, F1 2014 is right around the corner and Ben brought in a tub of Quality Street. What could we possibly have to be sad about? F1 2014 It’s time for a new trailer! We really wanted […]

Codies Weekly Update 19-09-14

This Week’s Big News… Other than the Scotland vote this week’s big news has to be the reason Luke took the day off, no he’s not performing an acoustic set of his upcoming album, he’s picking up his iPhone 6. (I could make a joke about taking the day off to pick up a phone […]

Codies Weekly Update 12-09-14

This Week’s Big News Hey everyone, Luke here, filling in for Lee while he plays some game called Destiny. Obligatory weather update: Cloudy. Formula 1 F1 2014 has finally hit Steam! Yep, that’s right, you can now pre-purchase the game on PC and receive F1 Race Stars and 4 DLC packs for free. The 2014 […]

Codies Weekly Update 05-09-14

This Week’s Big News … Actually it’s quite hard to pick this week; we’ve got the Codemasters Weekend Sale on Steam, the F1 2014 Sochi hotlap and our buddy David Binks is taking part in the World Rallycross Championship this weekend. Let’s just get on with it then shall we? Formula 1 It’s time to […]

Codies Weekly Update 29-08-14

It’s Friday o’clock, which can only mean one thing… yup, it’s the Codies Weekly Round Up! GRID The GRID Autosport Sprint Pack is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Included in the Sprint Pack is a set of brand new single player championships to take part in which bring four classic GRID […]