Codies Weekly Update 28-03-14

Despite the sunny start there are grey skies over Codemasters HQ this week but we won’t let the weather dampen our spirits, instead we’ll put the kettle on to boil, fire up one of our in-development projects for a few races and soldier on through this second winter. This week’s big news is that you’ll […]

Codies Weekly Update 21-03-14

Spring is here, birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and the Codemasters swans are still attacking the window in the glass lobby by the swirly staircase. Today is the 21st of March and this is the Codies Weekly update. The big news this week is that RaceNet has hit 1 million users! Mwhahahahahahaha..! We’re really […]

Codies Weekly Update 14-03-14

It’s a foggy day here at Codies HQ and like a zombie from the grave the weekly update has come back to life and wants to chew on your leg. First up is the big news that F1 2013 is free to play on Steam this weekend and we’ve slashed 75% off the game and […]

GRID Weekly Update – 28/02/14

It was a busy start to the week for the GRID team as a fellowship of designers, producers and car handling experts travelled southbound to Kent, and more specifically to a certain track called Brands Hatch. Our purpose of visiting was to meet up with the Drift All Stars team who were kind enough to […]